EthiXL is a housing, development and regeneration consultancy that offers a wide range of products and services to Housing Associations, Local Authorities and developers.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in financial modelling, development, regeneration and housing management services.

Our services cover the entire development process and can start from the early conceptual stage through to post-completion and beyond.

Our products include a number of Excel-based, Development Financial Viability toolkits. We also build bespoke toolkits for our clients.


xl SAT + (Scheme Appraisal Toolkit)

xl SAT + is an Excel-based financial viability toolkit used to assess the financial performance of development projects. This user-friendly intuitive toolkit offers the following:

  • Multi-tenure modelling
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Efficiency modelling
  • Rent loss for regeneration schemes
  • Stock transfer modelling
  • Clear reporting
  • Full transparency
  • Protection
  • Internal audit checks

The toolkit can be used for the early stage high level scheme appraisal through to the more detailed project management of the scheme.

xl PRO (Phase / Programme Consolidation Tool)

xl PRO is a programme-level consolidating and monitoring tool that allows detailed reporting against a number of key parameters. It works seamlessly with xl SAT + with a simple data input function.

This tool allows consolidation of schemes or phases to view all projects on a programme basis. Users can understand development spend projections on a yearly or monthly basis and turn off schemes to see their impact on the overall programme.

The tool offers the current outputs:

  • Scheme summary
  • Programme summary (including benchmarking and financial performance).
  • Revenue cash-flow summary
  • An 80-year revenue cash-flow
  • A 10-year development cashflow


  • Development of Bespoke Viability Toolkits

  • We build bespoke development appraisal and project management toolkits to meet the needs and requirements of your organisation.
  • Financial Viability Modelling, Analysis and Review

  • We specialise in the financial modelling of Affordable Housing, and are familiar with the range of toolkits that are available to model Residual Land Value. We also have our own in-house suite of financial modelling toolkits which we use in undertaking our assessments. We undertake financial viability modelling of complex, difficult and even problematic schemes.
  • Independent Financial Viability Assessments

  • Our approach to Financial Viability Assessments is to understand the elements of a scheme that hinder viability and what helps make affordable housing or financial contributions achievable on site. In undertaking an assessment we will:

    • Review planning policy
    • Review, benchmark and test key inputs, costs and assumptions
    • Work to maximise affordable housing and contributions

    We have extensive experience of working with Local Authorities and housing providers in securing affordable housing and deliverable schemes.

  • Development and Regeneration Support

  • We can provide a range of support and advice to your development activities that cover the whole development process from inception to the rectification of defects and the whole project management process in between.
  • Interim Development Placements

  • We can provide interim development support / cover in New Business, Delivery and Programme from Project Manager to Head of Development and Director level.
  • Strategies, Policies & Procedures

  • We have extensive experience of preparing strategies, policies and step by step procedure guidance that covers all aspects of the development process.
  • Research, Bids, and Training

  • We undertake research and can help you prepare bids, tenders and offers. We also can provide development and financial modelling training.
  • HCA / GLA Pre-Audit Assessments

  • We undertake HCA and GLA pre-audit assessments for your development schemes and projects.
  • Other Development Services

  • We offer:

    • Support for local authorities developing Section 106 affordable housing options
    • Construction management and Technical support
  • Fire Safety Consultancy Services

  • We offer:

    • Fire Safety Training for Development and Housing Staff, Clerk of Works and Site Inspectors
    • Fire Safety Training for Directors and Board Members
    • Fire Safety Strategy Review and Updates
    • Fire Safety Process Review and Implementation
    • Fire Risk Assessments
    • Review of Development Plan
    • Post PC & Defects Inspections
  • Housing and Other Services include:

  • We offer:

    • Strategic oversight, governance and business planning
    • Change Management
    • Housing Management and Maintenance services
    • Asset Management services
    • Void management and process reviews
    • Compliance and Health and Safety
    • Technical and Engineering services
    • Performance Improvement
    • Service Specification, Contract Development, Contract Procurement
    • Dispute and Contract resolution
    • Bid writing and Presentation
    • Service Reviews
    • Community Based Regeneration
    • Project Management
    • Coaching
    • Sales and Marketing


    Phil Purkiss / Partner

    Phil Purkiss Phil has worked in social housing since 2001 and has extensive knowledge and experience in delivering a wide range of schemes of all shapes and sizes. His previous roles have included new business, land buying, project management, financial modelling, sales and marketing, strategic planning and staff management and training.

    Phil’s specialties include building and developing Excel-based financial toolkits, financial viability modelling and options appraisals modelling. From 2011 to 2017, he was responsible for the development and maintenance of the podplan suite of toolkits.

    Phil has worked as a consultant since 2011 and currently sits on the board of Essex based Colne Housing Society and their jointly owned development company Iceni Homes Ltd as a non-executive director. Phil’s qualifications include PG Dip in Management.

    Mobile: 07879 622 497
    Email: phil.purkiss@ethiXL.com
    linkedin: Profile

    Steve Beard / Partner

    Steve BeardSteve has worked in the social housing sector since graduating in business economics in the mid-1990s. Steve has been a consultant since 2002 following 5 years of direct employment in the sector. Over the past 20 years, Steve has worked with over 30 housing associations and local authorities in development and finance. These have included key providers such as London & Quadrant, Camden, Guinness, Family Mosaic, and Southern Housing Group as well as smaller providers across the UK as well as the GLA.

    Steve has designed complex JV models for International private equity investor International Housing Solutions and has designed bespoke housing viability models for consultancies and companies such as DTZ, Pinnacle and John Laing. Steve came up with the concept for the Podplan excel model which he designed, built and implemented when he co-founded Pod LLP in 2008. Since leaving Pod LLP for a short career break in 2011, Steve has developed more sophisticated appraisal tools for housing providers across the UK. Steve is interested in new housing tenures and innovative funding mechanisms and his ideal consultancy assignments focus on this area.

    In addition to designing specialist financial appraisals, Steve undertakes audit, project management and interim delivery work which helps him to keep up to date with current regulations and best practices. Steve has overseen the project management and delivery of over a thousand homes for social housing and has a PG Dip in Quantity Surveying in addition to his Business Economics degree.

    Mobile: 07879 622 497
    Email: steve.beard@ethiXL.com
    linkedin: Profile

    Dave Markham, Partner

    Dave is a motivational leader with over 25 year’s board level experience in development, regeneration, asset management, repairs and housing.
    Dave has successfully led complex programmes including PFI, large scale tenant led transfers, stock disposals, mergers, acquisitions, major estate regeneration projects, decent homes delivery programmes and partnership frameworks.

    Mobile: 07746 402 467
    Email: dave.markham@ethixl.com

    Dave Rowson, Associate

    A self-motivated and driven individual with a proven track record of bringing change to an organisation that wants to be recognised as a leader in its field. A person with renowned skill-sets developed over a period of time from his time in the enforcing authority and fire safety management in the public sector. A firm believer in long term planning and an excellent communicator at all levels. Someone that completely understands that for fire safety to be truly effective-complete engagement is required at all levels. This is something he has committed to (and applied with great success) for nearly three years in a role considered one of the most high-profile in the fire safety sector.

    Mobile: 07961 164 025
    Email: david.rowson@ethixl.com


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